Born in the same city where the Oregon Ducks reign supreme, Michael Dubois moved soon thereafter to a small town in Northern Nevada just outside of Carson City, the state’s capital. Growing up, he was always around and influenced by music. His parents were heavy into classic oldies and country, and his siblings the same with hip-hop, rap, R&B, and alternative. He quickly noticed he had an ear for music that his peers did not. Whether it be recognizing and breaking down a song on the radio to its instrumental core, or knowing the exact month and year of an song/album release, his love for everything music grew right along with him. Especially his love for hip-hop. So much so, that he began writing his own lyrics at age 11 and began producing his own instrumentals, as well as remixing Top 40 hits, out of his bedroom. Years later while attending Dayton High School, the budding artist met and became good friends with fellow hip-hop-head Travis Rosenberry, who helped break down duby’s socially shy wall that allowed him to blossom as an artist. They recorded dozens of songs in the summer of 2008 and released a group project later that year. They quickly caught the attention of locals by their quality of production and lyrical content.

duby’s local breakthrough as an up-and-coming hip-hop artist was catching spin on a local radio station (then SWAG 104.9) with his singles “Sleep When You’re Dead”, and “Skinny Jeans & Vans”. Soon after, without any help from a manager or label, he landed his first single on iTunes in the late spring of 2012 with “Like Nike”, but later took it down to be offered for free to his fans.

In 2013 duby enlisted into the US Air Force. With a newly-established full time job, he still finds time to continue to perfect his craft and to pursue his lifelong dream. m.duby has released nine independent projects. The most unique being a six-track EP entitled “Fireworks” made exclusively on an Apple iPad without any professional equipment while deployed on location in Afghanistan. On October 14th, 2016, m.duby released his second official album entitled “Seeing Color” with generally positive reviews from several outlets. It has since been his most successful release to date. m.duby is currently back to work on his third studio album set to release in 2018.

Though he isn’t under any limelight of the sort, many agree his talent and overall ambition towards his dreams will soon pay off.

“I’ve spent over half my life chasing this thing; It’d be in my worst interest to stop running now.”
– m.duby